3 Step Guide to Finding the Right Therapist

Having been a beauty therapist for so many years and after exploring a variety of mind, body and soul therapies I’ve come to find that there are some great therapists out there, but there are also plenty that jump on the wagon and try to fudge their way through and charge you for the privilege. Finding the right therapist for you takes a little bit of research but hopefully, with this three step guide, you can find the right person for you, regardless of what the therapy in question is.

  1. Does the therapist have appropriate qualifications?

Firstly it’s important to be clear on the therapy you want and to make sure that the therapist is qualified to provide this. The first question I ask before I even meet up with a therapist is what kind of qualifications they have and what school they studied at. A therapist who is confident in their ability will happily provide their course and school details and answer any other questions you have. If you ask this question and the therapist starts to get defensive then I would question whether or not this is a person you want to have a treatment with.

  1. Meet up with them first

A very good piece of advice I got from Dr. Jenn when I ended up in a bit of state because I was seeing a counsellor that was recommended by a friend, but unfortunately wasn’t right for me, was to meet up with the therapist before paying for a session to see if you ‘click’. I’ve come to realise that this is something very important especially with any kind of psychological treatment (CBT, NLP, talk therapy etc) because if you don’t feel comfortable in the presence of the therapist then this will affect your ability to heal. Since receiving this information I now meet up with anyone before having a therapy to see what my gut reaction says about them. If you don’t have a good gut feeling then it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is bad, it’s just your instinct saying ‘not this one’, keep going until you find someone who is right for you.

  1. Can they provide what you need?

It’s important to be clear with the therapist about what your expectations are of the treatment and to ask them whether or not they can provide what you need. A credible therapist will be clear about what they can and cannot offer and steer you in the right direction to get what you need. It’s better to communicate this before the treatment so that both parties are clear on the expectations. Be careful of people who promise the World and don’t deliver but if you trust your instinct then you hopefully shouldn’t find yourself in this position.

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Sending self care vibes,

Shereen x