The definition of therapy is: Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder (, 2015). To me, it’s something that’s individual to the person who is in search of healing and it’s specific to getting what you need at the moment you need it.

The first profession I ever had was as a Beauty Therapist and although the treatments I provided predominantly aided clients external beauty, I couldn’t help but think that it also went a little deeper than this. I’d usually spend on average an hour with each client and some I would see as regularly as every two weeks. During the treatments most clients would talk about their lives, problems and things that they were currently working on. Sometimes it was like an informal counselling session. After experiencing my own traumas and going to regular counselling sessions I started to think more about the idea of therapy and other avenues of experiencing it (as I interpret it to be).

The Therapies section is split into two main parts: 

My Therapies which are activities and past times that I find therapeutic and don’t usually involve the facilitation of a therapist – such activities are also labelled as Play by other researchers.

Therapy Reviews are my personal experiences of existing therapies, some well established, some ‘traditional’ and some new ones which I’ve found on my travels. My aim in this section is to bring my scientific critiquing skills and my knowledge of marketing techniques together as I evaluate each therapy to see whether it is what it claims to be. These reviews are based on my personal experience and I’m not working for or on behalf of any company. I’m simply sharing my experience of various different therapies that I have sought out in my journey to overcome my own traumatic life events in the hope that I inspire others to find their own. If there’s something out there that you’d like me to check out email me at