New Year Positivity

Dr Jenn and I are in Chiang Mai to celebrate New Year’s Eve. A third member to our team is my friend Kyrie, a fellow nomad who I met on a bus in Indonesia a couple of years back. We chose Chiang Mai because they welcome in the New Year by setting off lanterns and it’s a beautiful experience.

After exploring the city for most of the day and talking about a variety of crazy topics that you do when you’re travelling, we sat down for an evening beer and talked about what our New Years wishes should be (we figured that’s what the lantern is for, or should be at least). When reflecting on our previous conversations that day about how the World would end in parasites and death and was full of egos, bullshit and trauma we decided to do something that I do quite often if I have negative thoughts – flip it. My whole process is that if I catch myself being negative towards something, first ask myself “Why am I feeling like this?”, then I ask myself “What is the exact opposite of this situation/worry/thought?”. Then I make a conscious effort to think about that instead. So out of this conversation came the following New Years wishes:

Longevity. Integrity. Vitality

We wrote them down, rolled them up on the wire of each of our lanterns and set them off into the distance, watching as they slowly floated up into the atmosphere. As I looked around at the other people setting lanterns I wondered what other New Years wishes were being made and how they’d come to make them. Did anyone around us flip around negative thoughts like we had done earlier that day or did they dwell in them continuing to spread that negativity out to the World? I guess if I could wish for something for everyone this New Year it would be that instead of pushing that negativity out to the World, that we could stop, flip it and spread a little positivity instead.

On that note I challenge you right now to make it part of your day today. Happy 2016.

I want to create a world of greater wellbeing for ourselves and the planet that we live on. That’s why I’m starting an honest conversation about wellbeing; encompassing self care, emotional intelligence, body and mind awareness, personal development, and authenticity. If you want to learn more about these subjects then then head over to to find out more about the packages I offer.

Sending self care vibes,

Shereen x

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